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I help busy people like you get things done. Let me get your web content sorted so people are picking up (and paying for) what you're putting down. We can work together to launch your online store, improve your SEO, tell your brand story or improve your systems and processes.

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Small Business Blog | Running In Heels

Q & A on Running In Heels Insta (Part One)

I am really loving the new question feature on Instagram. In this post I answer the big questions; Should I have a business advisor? Should I worry about what my competition is doing? Should I be posting different content on Facebook and Instagram?
Managing Change | Process Improvement Blog | Running In Heels

Big Business | Tips For Managing Change

Successful change management boils down to buy in – the better the buy in, the easier it is to implement change. I have been involved in a few process improvement and system implementation projects in the last four years, and these are my top tips for getting your team to buy in.

Ecommerce UX Audit | Small Business Blog | Running In Heels

UX Audit | WordPress | Heavenly Smooth

I asked for volunteers in the Running In Heels Facebook Group who were willing to let me critique their website. Pam has developed a range of body scrubs and lip balms, and has recently launched her WordPress site. I took a quick look and here's my feedback on improving the UX of the site.



Client Compliments

“Renée was along for the Dime Friday ride from the start. Renée helped me to register my company, get an IRD number and register for GST. Renée did the copy for my website, and now she writes nice things about me on social media.”

Sara | Dime Friday

“Renée was referred to me by Claire from Bella Creative. Renée took the content I’d written for The Float Room and turned it into information that was easy to read and much better for SEO. Renée has made sure to tell Cambridge locals to come for a float too!”

Natalie | The Float Room

“Renée has been a big supporter of Pepper & Me from the start. Renée has captured our brand perfectly with our fun product listings, and has written lots of recipes for us using Pepper & Me Products.”

Cherie | Pepper & Me

“Renée came to the Zero Fire office and met the team to get a feel for our brand voice. We’re happy that Renée captured the important messages and made them come across really clear on our website.”

Jimi | Zero Fire

“Renée helped give me the push to get my passive income stream ready for the market. Renée did all the instructional content for my 10 week healthy living challenge as well as the content for the Stacey Kyle website and client motivating emails.”

Stacey | Healthy Living Coach

“Renée gave me some great tips and tricks for doing my own social media. She also gave me some lessons in content writing and SEO so that I can optimise the Social Light website and make it easier for my customers to buy online."

Laura | Social Light


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