About Renée

I am not a Shopify expert...but I have been using the platform almost daily since 2012. I launched my first online business (a womens clothing store) in February 2013, and it was an epic fail...

Since then though, I have launched two (much more successful) product businesses - HEART from HAZEL (currently on hiatus) where I sold products I made and FaceStuff Co where I sell products I buy wholesale and products I source under my own brand.

My "unique selling point" (or USP) as the marketing gurus would say is that I am online store owner too. I get it. I know all about the pressures of an ecommerce business and I understand why it's so important your website converts like it should (because it sure is stressful when it doesn't!).

Once upon a time I was a corporate accountant who morphed into an event and project manager. Then I met and married a farmer and couldn't face the daily commute to and from the big smoke of Hamilton, and so this business was launched - where I sell services and more recently online courses.

It's fair to say that whatever you are looking to sell online I've got some inside info and some tried and tested ideas that I am more than happy to share. Please feel free to get in touch so we can chat about your side hustle, business or corporate project.