About Renée

I am not a Shopify expert...but I have been using the platform almost daily since 2012. I launched my first online business (a womens clothing store) in February 2013, and it was an epic fail..

Despite my six figure shemozzle, friends and acquaintances were under the impression that I knew a bit about business (and quite a bit about Shopify) and I have been helping start ups get growing ever since.

I re-branded the clothing store as HEART from HAZEL in 2016, for two years I sold super chunky knits and wool for craft projects. I hosted arm knitting workshops across the north island and managed to pay off my debt from the first clusterf*ck.

It turns out that making things to sell is (very) time consuming and storing 1kg balls of wool takes up a lot of space, and so when I was on maternity leave last year I launched FaceStuff Co - an online store for cruelty free cosmetics and skincare.

So my "unique selling point" (or USP) as the marketing gurus would say is that I am online business owner too. I get it. I know all about the pressures of an ecommerce business and I understand why it's so important your online store converts like a boss.