Shopify Projects

Shopify is my jam, I've been using the platform almost daily since 2012 and now I've managed to upskill a small team of women who work from home on Shopify projects.

You'll liaise with me about your project, and one of the local ladies on the team will work on your site under my supervision - because two sets of eyes are always better than one.

If you already have an online store, the best place to start is with an Audit and Report that analyses how easy it is for customers to buy from you. You can either DIY the recommended changes, or someone from the Running In Heels team can make the changes for you.

If you don't have an online store, or if you have one but you're looking at moving to Shopify, here are some options for you;

Shopify Website Builds

If you are looking to move your current online store to Shopify or would like a site built from scratch, there are three different options;

If need help with your Shopify site but you're not sure where to start or who to ask, you can ask me! My most popular Shopify packages are shown here, but if you need help with something else (or don't know what package you need) please get in touch.

Shopify Online Courses

If you're the DIY type (or would like to learn how to be), I have designed a super simple course that will step you through exactly how to build your own Shopify site in five days, you can find out more about the Build a Shopify Site Online Course here.

If you already have a Shopify site but you want to make some tweaks so it's more customised and has improved SEO you can check out my Advanced Shopify Online Course here.

Shopify Projects

Shopify Quick Fixes $149/hour (ex GST)

Sometimes you just need someone to quickly login to Shopify and make some much needed changes for you. You want this to be someone who knows what they are doing, who will do it right and who will do it fast! Read more about quick fix Shopify option here, or get in touch to chat further.

Shopify On Call Monthly Support $199 (ex GST)

For $199 (plus GST) a month, I will be only an email away for talking you through any issues with or updates or edits to your Shopify site - this is the best option if you are the kind of business owner that wants to learn as you go. Get in touch to chat about what your requirements are and what support package might be best.

Shopify Weekly or Monthly Support $499 (ex GST)

For $499 (plus GST) I will spend 10 hours a week (for the weekly package) or 10 hours a month (for the monthly package working behind the scenes on your Shopify site. Read about the Weekly Support Package here or read about the Monthly Support Package here or get in touch to chat about what your requirements are.