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SEO & Web Content Client | Ellar Boutique

My favourite thing about being a freelancer is that I get to encounter humans that make me think "that's my kinda person". Lisa from Ellar Boutique is one of those people. We have had very similar journeys and crossed paths as we were trying to get our heads around the impending arrival of our mini humans.

Lisa gave up corporate life for the (more than) full time hustle of being self employed, she saw a gap in the market, she offers a service to a niche market, and she's absolutely nailing it. She's proactive, she's driven, she's a straight shooter, and she doesn't stop for air - she's my kinda gal!

Corporate Settlement Gift | Ellar Boutique | SEO Client | Running In Heels

Lisa built her own ecommerce store on WordPress using WooCommerce, and while she was a busy little bee with word of mouth clients, she wanted to capture warm leads who found her website via a Google search. The "corporate gift basket" market is pretty saturated, so we agreed to stay focused.

Lisa focuses on corporate settlement gifts. Her target market is real estate agents, group housing companies, luxury car brands and property developers. While we could have fluffed up her content with superfluous adjectives, we decided to stick to the fact that a good client gift can be the difference between getting a referral and not.

Corporate Settlement Gift | Ellar Boutique | SEO Client | Running In Heels

After some keyword research, and blunt conversations about who Lisa's target market is (and why), we optimised Lisa's website by including these keywords and synonyms on each page as part of her product descriptions. We linked between similar products to encourage visitors to the site to stay and look around.

Often people are hesitant to "give away their secrets" when it comes to their suppliers on their website (I definitely keep my suppliers close to my chest), but Lisa and I decided that competitors could easily see what was in each gift, and it would probably do us more good than harm to include supplier names and links.

Corporate Settlement Gift | Ellar Boutique | SEO Client | Running In Heels

Lisa has Yoast installed for her WordPress site, and I added the keywords to the page title and meta description. Again, we had decided to focus on those searching for "corporate settlement gifts Sydney" as opposed to "client gifts" or "gift baskets" or "corporate gifts".

All of the clients gifts on the Ellar Boutique website are completely customisable (complete with branding and colours), and we wanted to make sure that visitors to the site knew that this was the point of difference and include the call to action (with link) to get in touch regarding custom orders.

Corporate Settlement Gift | Ellar Boutique | SEO Client | Running In Heels

It's always a good idea to encourage visitors to follow your business page on Instagram and Facebook. They might, they might not, but if they do click through, we hoped they would see the recent custom orders. A social media presence also affirms the legitimacy of the business, which can help some customers to convert.

If your content could do with a refresh check out my web content packages here. If you feel like your SEO could be improved, you can check out my small business SEO packages here. Of course you're always welcome to get in touch for a (free) 15 minute chat about what your business goals are.


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