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1.1 Register your Shopify account

Quick note: If you think it will take longer than 3 days to build your Shopify site and you need an unlimited free trial, please get in touch with your business name, your name and contact details and I can help you out. If I set you up with a free trial you can skip this step...

If you are confident you can complete this course in three days or less go to and click on Start free trial, answer enter your email address, a password and your store name. This store name will form your login url for your site eg: My Online Store will be - this will also be your temporary url (or web address) for your store until you connect your custom domain.

  1. Click Start free trial
  2. Complete the prompts and then add your store name which will be your business name. If your name is already taken you can add NZ (or AU)
  3. Click Next
  4. Create a Shopify ID using your preferred method (an email address is a good idea as this will make it easier to handover in the event you sell your business), click Create a Shopify ID
  5. Add your address details on the next screen (these details can be changed at a later date) then click Enter my store

This will take you to the Home screen of your new store which now offers prompts about what to do next, so we will start by adding products.

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If your "To Do" list is geting longer by the day and you'd like to hand something over, we can help with ad-hoc or ongoing Shopify or Klaviyo tasks


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