TetraMap Workshops

TetraMap Workshops

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  • Learn about yourself
  • Learn about others
  • Find out how to play to your strengths
  • Find out how to play to others strengths
  • Recognise where you add value to a team
  • Recognise where others add value to a team
  • Invest in your professional and personal development in a fun way

I was first introduced to TetraMap in 2015, and I finally completed my TetraMap Facilitator Course, which means I am now qualified to enlighten others.

TetraMap has given me the most valuable piece of equipment in my toolkit, and I was embarrassed to realise how little of my learning I was implementing in my own businesses.

I've done a blog about TetraMap that you can read here. It will hopefully explain TetraMap a bit more, and there is also the TetraMap website for further information.

I can promise that it will be fun and fast paced and you will walk out with the tools to communicate more effectively with your team, managers, sub contractors, suppliers and even your family!

We will step through the process and find out why you are the way you are, why others are the way they are, and how you can do your best to meet in the middle to reduce conflict and add value.

Completing this course will make you feel more in tune with yourself and your communication style, and be more accepting of the way that you and others react under pressure or stress.