How to build a Shopify site

Build a Shopify Site in 7 Days | February Course

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The Shopify Course in January was so popular that I've decided to make them a regular thing. I will teach you how to build a Shopify site over seven days starting from Monday 10th of February.

This course is the perfect option for you if;

  • You want to build Shopify sites for clients
  • You are thinking you might start a side hustle in 2020
  • You already have a side hustle but are considering moving to Shopify
  • You are already using Shopify but you're winging it (big time)

How it works;

  • You purchase a spot in the course (a whopping $19 inc GST)
  • You join this Facebook group
  • I will turn up in the Facebook group every day for seven days and give a new set of instructions for building a Shopify site
  • I will also be available to answer any questions in the group
  • The videos will remain in the group for three weeks so that you can catch up or refer back at a later date
  • You can stay in the group for as long as you like, each month the info will be re-added for the new course takers - you might pick up something you missed

The schedule;

  • Monday 10th of February | Setting up a Shopify account
  • Tuesday 11th of February | Adding pages and products
  • Wednesday 12th of February | Basic SEO
  • Thursday 13th of February | Adding discounts, shipping and taxes
  • Friday 14th of February | Adding payment gateways
  • Saturday 15th of Febuary | Basic UX (user experience)
  • Sunday 16th of February | Adding apps or integrations

More important info;

  • To get the most value out of the course it's good if you can work through the sessions as I post the instructions in the group
  • It's OK if you can't make each session, but if you can try and get to each step within a week it means I can help you out if you get stuck
  • Here is some info that it's helpful to have before you get started - it just makes it easier to work through the steps
  • Shopify will give you a 14 day free trial. If you think you will need more than 14 days to build your site, please get in touch ASAP to arrange for an unlimited free trial via my partner account (I will need your name, business name and business address)