Taking Your Business Online

You don't need an ecommerce geek to tell you that now is the perfect time to take your business online...and perhaps the silver lining to his crazy cloud we're all under is that so many of us will be forced to take imperfect action to launch our ecommerce stores - however they may look.

I recently partnered with Te Waka to present a webinar, Taking Your Business Online, as part of their Digital Enablement Series. In the webinar I step through exactly how to take your business online and I use the work "pivot" a lot (sorry).

I launched my first online store in 2012, it was an online clothing store and it was a bit of a disaster (#truthbomb), I rebranded, rebuilt the website and re-launched in 2016 and was selling products that I made (that was a pretty big pivot!).

Even this business was the result of a pivot, marrying a farmer and moving to rural Waikato meant working in an office wasn't practical anymore and so I started building ecommerce stores for clients - now I use this store to sell services and online courses.

My other online business was launched last year and started as a retail model for products that I bought wholesale from other local businesses. Now I also source my own products to sell under my own brand.

The first part of the webinar I talk about the business decisions that need to be made before (or while) you take your business online - you can download the checklist here.

For the next part of the webinar I focus on the practical steps to take (right now) to help get your business online, remembering that it's just about taking action at this point and not about being perfect - you can download the list of actions here.

In the final part of the webinar I talk about taking imperfect action but also thinking about the longer term strategy of your ecommerce store to ensure you can get a return on your investment of time and money - you can download the longer term considerations here.

Running In Heels is registered with Regional Business Partner Network, which means that your business might qualify for subsidised services. You can get all the details about how to register and the services available here.

More info you might find useful

There's plenty of tips and tricks in my blog, but there are some you might find especially useful;

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