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While Renée was busy running her latest online business, Shopify rolled out Online Store 2.0 (or OS2.0), which offers a whole lot of exciting new functionality not previously available on the platform.

Renée has recently sold her business and is committed to re-recording all the online course content because all of the screens have changed and there is so much fun stuff to show you about OS2.0.

The courses will be available soon, you will have;

  • Access to the whole course so you can work as quick as you like
  • Unlimited access so you can take your time and refer back later
  • Screen recordings with subtitles as well as written instructions

Want an unlimited free trial?

Shopify offer a free three day trial (that you can extend by paying $1/month) but we can offer an unlimited free trial giving you all the time you need to build your store.

Get in touch with your business name and your contact details and you will be set up with an unlimited free trial.

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Start A Business Online Course

If you have a business idea and that's about it, then this is the ideal course to step you through exactly how to start a business.

This course covers all of the practical steps from sourcing products, pricing, domains, setting up an email and social media pages.

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Build a Shopify Site Online Course

This course will step you through exactly how to DIY your Shopify site. There are screen recordings with subtitles as well as written instructions.

The course is easy to follow and you can move at your own pace. It includes everything you need to know before you launch your website.

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Upgrade to OS2.0

Shopify recently rolled out Online Store 2.0 (or OS2.0) which includes a whole lot of exciting new functionality not available on the platform previously.

This online course will walk you through how to upgrade your current store to OS2.,introduce you to the new functionality and assist with implementation.

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Prefer a one on one session?

Renée offers one on one (or one on some) strategy and training sessions if you want to launch or grow your online business or upgrade your store to OS2.

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Shopify have recently added lots of exciting features and functionality

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If your "To Do" list is geting longer by the day and you'd like to hand something over, we can help with ad-hoc or ongoing Shopify or Klaviyo tasks


Strategy Sessions

If you are lacking direction and need someone to talk to about how to drive your online business forward, Renée is available for strategy sessions

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Learn Online

Learn at your own pace with unlimited access to our online courses - currently being updated with the new Shopify functionality

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