Shopify Basic Build

The point of this page is to outline what I require to get cracking on your Shopify Basic Build. The way I work, is that I wait until I have all (or at least most) of the information required before I start working on building your Shopify site.

This package requires a fair amount of DIY, so you need to know your way around Shopify, or be willing to learn (my online course will be available soon!), there are more exclusions than inclusions, so please ask if you are not sure.

The Basic Build package means that you add all the content and products yourself, I just put the right bits in the right places for you to add things at your own pace and according to your budget.

If you need extra help (like content proofed, edited and added to the site) and your want all your on page SEO managed, as well as your homepage designed, you need the Shopify Build w/ Products package.

If you want me to do all the things, including writing keyword rich content for the page, adding product descriptions, resizing product images, putting together the product upload file etc, the Shopify Bells & Whistles package is for you.

I've added this page to give you a head start on compiling and collating all the bits and pieces that I need to build your site. Once all of these items are ready to go, I will lock in a start date, timeframe and a go live date that works for both of us!

Your thoughts on themes

It helps if you have a theme in mind, if you've seen a website that you like the look of, or you at least know what functionality you are chasing. The Shopify theme store is a good place to start when looking at themes.

This package includes the adding of a theme to your store, and the adding of the menu (without any page content), but the homepage and theme will require configuration and tweaking before your site goes live.

Access to a Dropbox or Google Drive

It's much easier for me to work with all of the information in one place instead of combing through my inbox trying to find all the documents. It is also easier for you to see what you have supplied and what needs to be supplied.

I will set you up a Dropbox Folder or Google Drive (whichever you prefer) and send you the link and access to the folder so you can tap away, adding the things from your list at your lesuire.

Use of Asana

As part of my new and improved onboarding process, you will be sent a checklist of all the things that need to be added to the Dropbox or Google Drive. You will also be sent a link to an Asana project.

Work on your build won't start until all the required info is available in the Dropbox or Google Drive, as per the timeline in Asana. Then a deposit is required and a date is locked in for your site build to be completed.

Logo and Brand Guidelines

More is more in this case - so please add everything that you got from your graphic designer. This means that I can add logos or word marks where they best fit and I can edit fonts and button colours to better reflect your branding.

If all you have is a logo, that is OK too! The most important thing is a logo without a background so that it looks sleek and sophisticated on the website!

Secret Logins

I'll need your Facebook and Instagram login to connect these sales channels (so you can tag products on Facebook on Instagram and in your stories), so you'll need to be OK with handing these over.

I also need your Instagram login to connect your Instagram feed so that it shows on your home page and looks pretty. Alternatively I can give you instructions on how to connect these yourself.

Other Admin

If you have any questions about this package, please get in touch for a chat about your requirements. Please note that these chats are about your Shopify site, your target market and your products, not about business structure, social media, GST, tax or anything else that comes along with setting up a business.

I do know about these things, and am happy to chat them through, but this is a Pick My Brain Package which is $149 (plus GST).