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Shopify Build | My IVF Journal

Shelley Burt has documented her journey with IVF on Instagram (you can follow her here), it was Shelley's experience that led her to design, develop and print My IVF Journal.

Shelley decided she wanted an online store on the Shopify platform because it was easy to manage and update. Using Shopify also meant that she could easily tag products on Instagram and have LayBuy and PayPal on the website.

This was a relatively straight forward build because Shelley only has one product - we still wanted to make it really easy for customers to click through and purchase the journal either for themselves or a friend.

Because Shelley already had an engaged audience of her target market on Instagram the first thing I did was add a customised password page so that Shelley could encourage her followers to sign up to her mailing list.

When the website was ready to launch, Shelley not only had a database of potential customers to email, she also posted on Instagram. The journal was available for pre-order and to encourage customers to commit we offered free shipping on pre-orders.

To keep costs down we went with a free theme for the site - we needed much less bells and whistles because the site is so basic with one product. I helped Shelley to write the "About" section and page as well as the product description for the journal.

We also transferred all of the content from Shelley's blog platform to her Shopify site so that My IVF Journal would get bonus points for SEO and to keep the admin and maintenance to a minimum (so Shelley didn't have to maintain two platforms).

You can check out the My IVF Journal website here, or follow on Instagram here. If you have an idea for a side hustle that you would like to develop my Business Starter Sessions are a good place to start.

If you think you'd like to DIY your Shopify site, my Shopify course would be perfect for you. If you're not too sure what you need help with but you just know you need help, then please feel free to get in touch for a chat.


If your "To Do" list is geting longer by the day and you'd like to hand something over, we can help with ad-hoc or ongoing Shopify or Klaviyo tasks


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