Adding Payment Merchants to Shopify

Shopify | Choosing & Adding Payment Merchants

Before you launch your Shopify site you'll need to think about how you want to accept payments from your customers - here's a few things to consider...
Adding products to manual and automated collections in Shopify

Shopify | Adding Products to Collections

Once you've added your products to Shopify you need to group those products into collections that your customers can easily find what they are looking for online.
Tips for Good Content | Ecommerce Tips | Running In Heels Consulting

Top Tips For Writing Content

I see a lot of content. A lot. I cringe at the thought of myself being the spelling and grammar police, but it's always good to remember that Uncle Google likes good grammar!

Working with Renee Johansen Shopify Partner at Running In Heels

Tips For Making Your Shopify Project A Success

As far as business relationships go client/freelancer ones are a pretty modern concept. Here's some great tips for getting the most out of working with a freelancer.
Social Media Blog | Converting Social Media Traffic | Running In Heels

Social Media | Converting Social Media Traffic

Social media marketing is a great way to retarget your website visitors, or encourage new guests to check out your store. Here's some handy hints for ensuring you're making the pathway to purchase as easy to travel as possible.
SEO Blog | SEO Tips | Running In Heels

Simple SEO Tips | What is SEO?

So here I was diving into adding value by blogging about SEO, when I was politely reminded that I haven't actually explained what SEO is - pretty presumptuous of me! So let me (try) and define SEO, and why you should be keeping it front of mind for your business.
SEO Ecommerce Blog | Keyword Tips | Running In Heels

Simple SEO Tips | Don’t Overcomplicate Your Keywords

We all know that search engine optimisation is a complex beast, that "content is king", you should be blogging and linking and updating, but you also need to ensure you are using the keywords that your target market is searching for.