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Shopify | Bulk Editing Products

I write this post about bulk editing of products in Shopify in the hope that I will save someone, somewhere a heck of a lot of time. I must confess, I only recently discovered this trick myself - which is why you'll never hear me refer to myself as "an expert"!

I decided to open HEART from HAZEL for Christmas orders at the end of 2018 despite being on maternity leave. It was Christmas 2017 that urged me to rethink my strategy with the store, and so it was a risky move, but I managed to fly mainly under the radar.

Anywho, the point is, I have quite a few products on the site and each product has several variants (up to 20 for some products) and in the past, I've gone in to the product and edited each variant, saving and clicking to the next variant each time.

I knew there had to be a better way, and ladies and gents, there is - of course!

First of all, you need to group all the products that you would like to edit (unless you'd like to edit all the products on your site). In the Product screen click on the down arrow beside Filter and choose a filter from the list:

Bulk editing of products on Shopify | Running In Heels Blog

Choose an option and click Add filter:

Bulk editing of products on Shopify | Running In Heels Blog

The products will now be grouped on a Custom search tab, you can choose to save this search if you'd like to use it again.

On the tab with the filtered products tick the box at the top, under Filter and beside Product:

Bulk editing of products on Shopify | Running In Heels Blog

This will select all the products in that group, then click Edit products:

Bulk editing of products on Shopify | Running In Heels Blog

This will take you to the Bulk editor screen. If you click on the down arrow beside Add fields, you can add or remove fields to show the fields that you want to edit.

Choose Add fields in the Bulk editor screen in Shopify

Here's a list of fields that you can add or edit from the Bulk editor screen;

  • Title (this is the product title as it shows on your website)
  • Tags (these are super useful for automatically grouping products in collections and filtering within a collection)
  • Product type (also very useful for automatically grouping products in collections)
  • Vendor
  • Template
  • Availability - sales channel (use this to make a product visible or not visible on various sales channels)
  • Price (currently price the item is selling for)
  • Compare at price (recommended retail price of product)
  • Cost per item (or wholesale price - not seen by site visitors)
  • Charge taxes (tick this if registered for GST)
  • SKU (add supplier or manufacturer code here for easy ordering)
  • Barcode (for POS system integration)
  • Inventory quantity
  • Allow overselling
  • Track quantity
  • Weight (use this when shipping costs are calculated based on weight)
  • Requires shipping (signals that a shipping address is to be added and a shipping charge is to be applied at checkout)
  • HS code (used for shipping internationally using Shopify Shipping)
  • Page title (used for SEO purposes - can differ from the product title)
  • Meta description (used for SEO purposes - include key search terms)
  • URL and handle

You simply select the fields that you would like to edit in bulk, and work your way down the list, editing the products as you go.

Just when you thought things couldn't get better, there's one more hack. You can click in a "cell", hold down the Shift key and arrow down (or up), to highlight a range of variants and then click in one of the highlighted cells and change it:

Hold down Shift to select more than one variant


Multiple edit in Builk editor screen Shopify


Check out the video below showing this feature in action for Harrïe and Sam. Harrïe and Sam is a local brand of high quality womens clothing that is made to order. Pre-order opens every second Saturday, and this video demonstrates a really simple way to allow items to be purchased at pre-sale time without adjusting stock quantities every time.


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