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3.4 | Adding Templates to Pages

You can only add a template to a page once the theme is live or published, so if you are using this as a refresher and starting afresh with an OS2.0 theme or a new theme your new templates will not be available to add to the products.

Once your theme is live or published, go to the product page and on the right at the bottom in the Online Store section choose the template from the Theme template dropdown.

Under Online Store choose the template

You can now also click on Customize template and click straight through to the template to make any edits or updates.

If you have lots of products to assign to a template you can do this in the Bulk editor screen. Tick the box beside each product you would like to assign the template to and then click Bulk edit on the box that pops up.

In the Bulk editor screen click on Columns (top right) and choose Template from the list. Click on the cells in the Template column and choose the template to assign to the products from the dropdown.

Highlight the column and select the template from the dropdown

Repeat this until all products have a product template assigned. Any edits made to a product template will affect all products that have that template assigned.


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