Shopify Support | Ad hoc

Shopify Support | Ad hoc

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Sometimes you just need someone to quickly login to Shopify and make some changes for you. You want this to be someone who knows what they are doing who will do it right and who will do it fast.

If that's you, then I can do it for you. Whatever it may be. The options are pretty much endless and it might be a pretty big job that you want done in one hit (like changing your Shopify theme or adding the new season stock) or it might be a small job like changing up menus and removing sold out stock from the website.

Here's some other things you might need help with;

  • Writing product descriptions
  • Editing page titles, meta descriptions and alt text on images
  • Resizing images so that they aren't affecting your site load speed
  • Writing or editing other content for your website including blogs, FAQs, about and delivery and dispatch pages
  • Editing and linking menus
  • Editing and linking collections
  • Updating product types and tags for easy grouping and filtering
  • Editing customer notifications
  • Writing process manuals so that someone else in your team will have step by step instructions to make the changes to Shopify

If you have an ongoing need for Shopify Support and would like to make sure I'm available to help, there is the option to lock in 10 hours a week of my time or 10 hours a month of my time.

You can read the Shopify Support FAQ's here, or get in touch with any questions.