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SEO Audit & Refresh (ecommerce website) | 50% Deposit

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SEO is about improving your website's organic (or unpaid) search engine results. The best thing about ranking high in a Google search, is that the visitors hitting your site are "warm leads" - all the better to convert!

The best thing about using an SEO geek that has their own ecommerce store, is that I have already tried and tested the methods on my own site, and so I have a much better idea of what actually works.

SEO is different to SEM and PPC advertising - I can recommend some other people who are really good at that stuff if you need help with those as well as your SEO.

I know there are plenty of horror stories about "SEO experts", so please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can have a no obligation chat about your business and your website. I can provide you with a free SEO report so we can hatch a plan!