Christmas Dinner | 7pm Wednesday December 11

Christmas Dinner | 7pm Wednesday December 11

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  • When | 7pm on Wednesday December 11
  • Where | River Kitchen, 217 Victoria St, Hamilton CBD
  • What | Sharing style dinner and dessert (with wine)
  • Why | Tis the season
  • Cost | $70 inc GST

Marie from Royal Laboratorie and I were yarning at the Harrie & Sam pop up the other weekend about arranging a GB Christmas catch up, so Marie has arranged it and I'm just providing the payment gateway!

This is the perfect opportunity for those of us that don't have workmates, or who do have workmates but just love a GB catch up. Spaces are strictly limited so pop this in the cart and proceed to checkout ASAP.

Bring an optional gift:

We would like to offer the option to bring a wrapped gift to donate to someone at Women's Refuge this Christmas. This isn't compulsory, so please don't feel obliged but we wanted to give the option.

If you have any questions, or if you need a GST receipt, please get in touch!

P.S. Based on the fact this website is usually used to sell ecommerce services, you might get a random order confirmation - don't mind that!