Shopify Refresh

The Shopify Refresh package is for those that already have a Shopify site but think that it could be converting better. This package doesn't include a change of theme. If you would like a new theme you need the Shopify Rebuild package.

The point of this page is to outline what I require to get cracking on your Shopify Refresh. The way I work, is that I wait until I have all (or at least most) of the information required before I start working on refreshing your Shopify site.

I've added this page to give you a head start on compiling and collating all the bits and pieces that I might need (feel free to confirm what the requirements are for your refresh), so that I can get in, get it done, get out and you can carry on your merry way!

Access to your Shopify site

Once you let me know your address (eg:, I will send you a request to login as a collaborator from my Shopify Partner account.

That means I can access the back end of your site and make the changes and adjustments that we have agreed to make. That way you don't need to set me up as a "staff account".

Access to a Dropbox or Google Drive

It's much easier for me to work with all of the information in one place instead of combing through my inbox trying to find all the documents. It is also easier for you to see what you have supplied and what needs to be supplied.

I will set you up a Dropbox Folder or Google Drive (whichever you prefer) and send you the link and access to the folder so you can tap away, adding the things from your list at your lesuire.

Logo and Brand Guidelines

More is more in this case - so please add everything that you got from your graphic designer. This means that I can add logos or word marks where they best fit and I can edit fonts and button colours to better reflect your branding.

If all you have is a logo, that is OK too! The most important thing is a logo without a background so that it looks sleek and sophisticated on the website!

Product Photos

The package price includes the uploading of photos that are uniform in size and optimised for use on a website (usually 800px*800px but no bigger than 2048px*2048px). I can resize your pictures so they are suitable for use on the site but there will be an additional charge for this.

Product photos need to be in .jpg or .png format and the files need to be renamed to match the product names so these can be easily matched. Photos cannot be embedded in other documents or provided via link to a website.

Product Descriptions

For stores with up to 15 products, re-writing keyword rich content and linking to upsell or related products is generally included. For larger inventories, we will look at which areas can add the most value and focus on those.

You can either opt to pay extra to have all the product descriptions re-written and optimised for SEO, you can provide updated product descriptions for me to add, or you can tap away at your own leisure based on my pointers.

Secret Logins

Generally I'll need your Facebook and Instagram login to connect these sales channels (so you can tag products on Facebook on Instagram and in your stories), so you'll need to be OK with handing these over too!

If you have questions about what you need to provide, or what this service includes, please feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat.