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2.4 | Creating a Product Template

Click on Online Store and in the Themes screen click on Customize under your theme.

From the dropdown in the middle of your screen choose Products

From the dropdown choose Products


Then choose Create template

Under products choose Create template

Add a Name for your product template and then choose the template you want to base this new template on and click Create template. Once you have created your first new template you will have that as an option to choose under Based on, but for your first template you will choose Default product.

Create a new product template

On the left you will see the default segments for the template. The segments are made up of sections and the sections have different blocks. Different themes have different options for segments. This is showing the defaults for the free theme Dawn.

Default product template options for Dawn theme


The HEADER and FOOTER segments are global - meaning any changes you make here will be rolled out across all pages of your website including product pages and the homepage.

If you have added several products to your site (or are using this as a refresher) the PREVIEW product might not be the product you are creating a template for. I find it easier to have the product that I am creating a template for as the PREVIEW product.

You can check this up the top of the bar on the left and click Change to choose another page.

Click change to change the default product


Under TEMPLATE if you click on Add section you will see all the options for sections that you can add to the segment for your theme. There is now a preview window that will give you an idea of what the section looks like.

There is a preview window that shows what the section looks like


Click on the section you want to add and it will appear in the segment. When you click on the section you will see the blocks for the section. You can add blocks to the section by clicking on Add block.

Click on add block and add blocks to section


You can add content to the blocks for each section by clicking on the block. Select the block and then edit in the panel, then click Save.

Edit the block

You can delete the block by clicking on Remove block at the bottom of the panel.

You can also hide blocks or segments so that you can try out different looks for the page template (and then easily change your mind by un-hiding). To hide a block or segment, hover over the block or segment and click on the eye icon.

Click on the eye to hide the block or section

You can also move blocks within a section and move sections within a segment (I know it's confusing!), hover over the block or section then click on the six dots and drag and drop the piece of the page you would like to move. Remember to save as you go.

Click on the six dots to move the block or section

You can continue to edit the template, or use the template to create another template. You can come back and edit or update the template at any time. 

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